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Cargo shipping to Caracas

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I work for a company that is located outside of London, United Kingdom (UK). We have the need to retain the services of a company that provides cargo shipping to Caracas, Venezuela. We estimate we will require a 45 ft ocean container to be delivered to our warehouse for loading. Our cargo will have the gross weight of slightly less than 11 metric tonnes. Once loaded, when will you deliver this cargo to Caracas?

Based on the information I have included, how much will you charge us for shipping our cargo with your company? Is this a standard shipping rate? Are your rates inclusive of insurance that will cover any damage claims? What are your liability limits, and does the insurance that we may purchase cover any losses up to the declared value of the cargo?

Please include your general shipping information as well as your responses to the questions I have posted. I will look for your information to arrive in my email's inbox soon.

Name: Teddy Smyth

Company: Harper Ltd

Country: Venezuela

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