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Cargo shipping to Port Au Prince

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How is the best method for cargo shipping to Port Au Prince, Haiti? I am shipping this cargo from our warehouse here at Madrid, Spain. The cargo to be shipped will include 3 pallets of merchandise, as well as 2 wooden crates. The gross weight of the cargo will be 1.25 metric tonnes.

Since this cargo is less than a truckload (LTL), it is not necessary for a full ocean container. So will it be better to ship this cargo by air freight? Or does your company offer a consolidated shipping method that would include our LTL shipment in with others? We are favoring the prospect of shipping by the air cargo system due to the distance the cargo must travel. Also, what are the major differences between air cargo and ocean freight? What do you suggest?

This cargo is ready to ship, so please inform us of when you will be ready to schedule a pickup at our warehouse. Contacting us through this forum will be the quickest method. Thank you for responding to my questions.

Name: Flabia Tejeda

Company: Bismarcohmia

Country: Haiti

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