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Cargo shipping to Islamabad

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Hello. I must ask for information about cargo shipping to Islamabad. If your company can be available for a pickup at our warehouse here at New Haven, Connecticut, in the United States, within the next 5 days, that will work out better. Do you require an advance notice before the pickup appointment is scheduled?

Can you provide an empty 53 ft ocean container for us to load? Please be certain the container is clean and is prepared for loading before you make it available. We have a tight loading window, so we will not have time for you to prepare the trailer at our dock.

When you send your company's shipping information, please include your current rate sheet, as well as your delivery schedules. Will you also include your claims procedure, as well as information about any available insurance options that we may purchase. We do appreciate your prompt response to this inquiry. Please also include the contact information of someone we may speak with after we have reviewed this info. Thank you for supplying this information.

Name: Jules Rice

Company: Nyntre

Country: Pakistan

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