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Cargo shipping to San Jose

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Coffee Carriers Direct is a premier outlet for all things coffee. We are based in Columbia but are going to be selling our products line, beginning late this spring, in San Jose, which we are very excited to get started.

We still need to fit in a few pieces of the puzzle to make this happen though, which leads me to why I am writing this post. We need to find a cargo shipping company that can get our goods from here in Columbia to San Jose. We anticipate the first few shipments to be much heavier than subsequent ones, given that we will be stocking our resellers up with our products and then just doing more restocking kind of shipping after that.

That being said, keep in mind we are looking to forge a long term, long lasting relationship with a shipping company here so please keep that in mind as you respond.

Name: Elijah Holder

Company: Coffee Carriers Direct

Country: Costa Rica

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