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Cargo shipping to Bangkok

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Parnel Peterson Exports is going to be opening up in the Taiwanese market, which we are very excited about. Even though we are going to be opening up two locations in Taiwan basically simultaneously, the main location and hub will be in Bangkok, given is sheer size and capacity for tourists and residents alike. We need to find a cargo shipping company that can get our goods from our warehouses in South Africa to Bangkok on a semi regular basis.

The new locations are projected to be opening in the next three months, assuming all goes according to plan. Once we pin down the exact launch date, we can firm up shipping dates too but it will be shortly before the opening of the new locations obviously. There will be large shipments of our merchandise before the opening and then there will need to be restocking shipments sent the same way so please bid accordingly. Ask any questions as they arise.

Name: Rylie James

Company: Parnel Peterson Exports

Country: Thailand

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