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Cargo shipping to Cairo

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I have a few questions about how cargo shipping to Cairo, Egypt, works. Are there any companies who may be represented in this forum who complete shipments to Egypt on a regular basis? Can you send me an information kit that describes your company's shipping services? Will you also explain how we should prepare our cargo for shipping to Egypt from our warehouse here in Pescara, Italy?

Will it be better to ship our two wooden crates by air cargo, or by ocean cargo? Are you familiar with the cost differences between the two different transportation modes? Is shipping by air cargo really that much faster than shipping by an ocean liner, especially across this distance that is not that great? Could we track our cargo shipment to Cairo with either shipping option?

Our shipping needs are not immediate, as the cargo will not be ready to ship until the end of next week. However, we would like to connect with a shipping company as soon as possible. Thank you for responding to our inquiry.

Name: Martino Guzzardo

Company: Nordunia

Country: Egypt

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