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Cargo shipping to Buenos Aires

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I need information from a company who provides cargo shipping to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The cargo will complete a 45 ft ocean container that we expect to load at our facility just outside of Rome, Italy. When will your company be able to provide this empty container? Our cargo will be ready to load by the middle of next week, so we need to connect soon so we can work out any of the necessary details before the pickup day arrives.

Is your company properly licensed, bonded, and insured, in order to complete this deliver in and through each of the jurisdictions this shipment will pass or enter? Will your company be providing both the pickup and the delivery of this cargo?

Also, please explain what this fuel surcharge means. What is if for? Who receives the payment? How is this fuel surcharge applied? We will appreciate it if you will contact us through this forum so we will be aware of the source of this information. Thanks.

Name: Doriano La Femina

Company: Postiani

Country: Argentina

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