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Cargo shipping to Santiago

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Mentor Labs Technology has gotten some new clients in Santiago, Chile and we need to procure a cargo shipping company to get some goods down there. Our warehouses are in Guatemala, mainly, but we do have some other storage units that we will sometimes ship from in Honduras so we will want to find a cargo shipping company that can handle all of these regions please.

We will mostly be shipping technological equipment down there so all of our shipments will need to be inspected when being loaded into the containers for shipping as well as be thoroughly inspected on the other end once they arrive in Santiago.

Also, we will need to have insurance in place for our shipments in case anything is damaged or lost during transit so please include a price chart for that as well when you submit your quotes. If you have any questions please ask before bidding.

Name: Felicity Jones

Company: Mentor Labs Technology

Country: Chile

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