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Cargo shipping to Bogota

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I have a brief request for information about cargo shipping to Bogota, Colombia. By brief, I simply mean that many of my questions involve how we can begin shipping with your company if we have never done so before. For instance, how can we establish an account with your company? Do you require any specific information and / or documentation from us in order to setup this account? What information will we have access to with this account? Of course, I am assuming we will be granted with online access.

Once our account is setup, will we be able to submit shipments to your company so that a pickup schedule may be processed? Will we be able to access tracking information? Perhaps we may pay for our shipping charges online?

As you can understand, we seek to establish a working relationship with a shipping company who can complete this shipment between San Antonio, Texas, in the United States, and our customer in Bogota, Colombia. Thank you for your time in responding to our inquiry.

Name: Clemente Galdamez

Company: Dominguez Company

Country: Colombia

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