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Hello. I have a request for information about cargo shipping to Hong Kong. My employer is preparing to ship a small machine from our facility at Mexico City, Mexico, and since we have not shipped to Hong Kong in the past, we are needful of this information as soon as possible. If you will email this to us through this forum, we will receive it rather quickly.

Can you provide any advice to someone who is shipping to Hong Kong for the first time? What are the pitfalls that we should avoid? Does Hong Kong have any items that they restrict from entering their country? Do they charge any incidental charges? If so, who is responsible for paying those charges?

How can we setup an account with your company so that we can start shipping with you? Will this provide us with online access? And can we pay our shipping charges through this online account? If you have an information package that you can send, I think that will help us out a lot. Please include the contact information of someone with your company that we may have direct communication as well. Thanks.

Name: Chay Francisco

Company: Dominguez Brothers

Country: Hong Kong

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