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Cargo shipping to Jakarta

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We are completing an order at our facility at Barcelona, Spain, and it has occurred to us that we have not previously shipped to this location. Therefore, I am here to request some information about cargo shipping to Jakarta, Indonesia. If you will also be so generous as to send this information to the contact information we have provided to this forum, we will greatly appreciate your efforts.

What are our available international shipping options to Jakarta, Indonesia? This cargo could fill an empty 45 ft semi-trailer. Would shipping by an ocean container be better? Or would this shipment just as readily fit into air cargo shipping? This is something we must rely upon your expertise. Will you inform us of the costs and the delivery estimates for each shipping method? Do you offer multiple payment options? Must we pay by a check, or can we pay for our shipping charges online?

Name: Camerino Dominguez

Company: Dominguez Brothers

Country: Indonesia

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