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Cargo shipping to Reykjavik

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My company, Joyous Journeys Inc, is going to be expanding in the second quarter of this fiscal year. We are based in New York and are going to be opening an office in Reykjavik, Iceland. In order to do this successfully, we will need to get a cargo shipping company on board to help move the bulk of our inventory over as well as help with Customs clearance.

The Customs piece of this seems a bit daunting, quite frankly, as we have not been able to find much information of what to expect from their government thus far. If you could please include with your price bid what forms or permits or whatever that we will need to accomplish this move, that would be greatly appreciated. Also, please include some professional references so that we can check into them as we vet the competition before we make our final decision on who to help us.

Name: Jerry Franklin

Company: Joyous Journeys Inc

Country: Iceland

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