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Cargo shipping to Doha

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My company is processing an order that will be ready to ship within a week's time. I think I have enough time to ask a few questions and to possibly connect with a shipping company that can provide cargo shipping to Doha, Qatar. If you can provide this information as soon as possible, it will greatly assist us in our planning of how it is best to proceed with the shipment.

Does your company have the resources to provide us with an empty 45 ft ocean container for us to load? How much time will you need to prepare this container before you will be able to deliver it to us? We will have approximately 20 metric tonnes of cargo to load. Yet, it will only take us a few minutes to complete the loading. What are your estimates as to our shipping cost for this cargo? When will you deliver this cargo to our customer at Doha? Can you guarantee you will deliver it by that day?

Name: Darnell Mainville

Company: Bonjoylia

Country: Qatar

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