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Cargo shipping to Kuwait

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I am here to connect with a company that provides cargo shipping to Kuwait. This shipment will originate at our facility at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Due to the distance involved, I must also ask what would be the preferred transportation mode for this shipment - air cargo, or ocean cargo? I think that each has its own merits, but I would like the professional opinion from someone who handles each. With either transportation mode, is there an option for an expedited service? Would it be possible to upgrade to an expedited service after the cargo has been shipped and is in the cargo system?

How long will it take you to deliver this shipment to Kuwait from Canada? Do you make tracking information available? How is that tracking information accessed? Do you have a help section that explains it just in case there is something we do not understand?

Please email me your information pack that describes your shipping services as well as your response to our questions as posted here. Thanks.

Name: Clotaire Marquand

Company: Postilier

Country: Kuwait

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