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Cargo shipping to Mexico City

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Machines and Rivets Express, Inc. is going to be shipping its supplies to some manufacturing plants in Mexico City and the surrounding areas beginning next quarter. We need to find a reliable cargo shipping company that can help with these types of shipping.

The bulk of what we are going to need to ship is going to be fairly heavy, such as spare engine parts, spare tires, gears and valves. We do supply nits and bolts and other smaller parts, but those will be ordered and shipped in bulk so just assume, for arguments sake, that all shipments will be of the heavier variety.

With your price quotes, please include the weight and size of the shipment requirements and where the pricing changes. Also please include your insurance information for this as well as any International documentation you can supply us with that shows you are legally allowed to ship to Mexico City in the first place.

Name: John Thurman

Company: Machines and Rivets Express, Inc.

Country: Mexico

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