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Might there be a company that is represented on this form who can provide me with information about cargo shipping to Singapore? I must make the shipping arrangements that will begin at our warehouse here at Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Since the cargo will be ready for shipping by the end of next week, can your company make an empty 48 ft ocean container available for us to load?

The gross weight of this shipment will be 19 metric tonnes. Is it possible for you to provide us with an estimate of our shipping cost? Can you also include an estimate of how long it will take you to deliver this cargo from Montreal to Singapore? Will this be a guaranteed delivery that you promise will be delivered by a specific day and / or time? What forms of payment does your company accept?

Thanks for sending this information to our email account. Please also include your claims policy, as well as any other shipping terms as they will apply to our cargo shipment.

Name: Trevis Philippon

Company: Biennjoyl

Country: Singapore

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