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Cargo shipping to Shanghai

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I must inquire into cargo shipping to Shanghai, China. This cargo will have its point of origin at Munich, Germany. What is the price difference between shipping freight by air versus by ocean? Would there also be any difference in how we must prepare the cargo for shipping? We would assume that cargo shipped by the ocean freight system would need additional protection from the extreme elements the cargo is exposed during transit. Is this also your experience?

What other shipping options does your company have available? How can we obtain the scheduling, shipping rates, duty and tax estimates, and billing information as they pertain to each shipping method? Once the cargo has been shipped and is in transit, is it possible to upgrade the shipping service?

Are there any restrictions on the kind of cargo that is permissible to import into China? If there are any issues at the customs checkpoint, will we be notified immediately? Will we also receive any available options so that the cargo will not be delayed or impounded? Thank you for sending this information to our email account.

Name: Gunther Schollenberger

Company: Bismarcohm Ent.

Country: China

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