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Cargo shipping to Budapest

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My questions are for companies who are involved in cargo shipping to Budapest, Hungary. I work for a company that is located on the outside of Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. We are preparing an order that is destined for Budapest. As you may have guessed, this will be our first shipment to Budapest, so we must ensure that all of our planning, packaging, and documentation are in order.

If it will be necessary for us to open an account with your company before we can ship with you, then please inform us of what information you require for this purpose. Please also include what your payment methods include as well as how we can submit our payments. Are we required to purchase our own insurance coverage to protect our shipment if there is any loss or damage? Do we purchase that insurance through your company?

How much does international shipping between Canada and Budapest cost? Does your company offer a tracking method? Is this available online? Do you send out an email notice? Or is there some other tracking method in use?

Name: Beauregard Galarneau

Company: Nordunia

Country: Hungary

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