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Cargo shipping to Athens

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I am preparing a shipment for my employer that is located near to Paris, France. Cargo shipping to Athens, Greece, is the purpose that has brought me to your forum, as this seems to be the forum to enter when someone wants good information about shipping.

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the type of cargo that can be shipped to Athens, Greece? Are there customs fees on international shipments into Greece? To your knowledge, are there any duties or fees that are added to the cost of shipping into Greece? Can I track the shipment while it is in transit? Must we add any special labels, or include additional documentation on this shipment?

What should we do if our shipment arrives at its destination and it is damaged? Does your company, or your insurance, pay to replace the damaged cargo? What measures does your company take that will reduce the risk of the cargo being damaged during shipping? I appreciate your taking the time to send me this information, and for getting it to me as soon as possible.

Name: Beaufort Flamand

Company: Bonjoyl

Country: Greece

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