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Cargo shipping to Zagreb

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I am here to inquire into cargo shipping to Zagreb, Croatia. This shipment will begin at Augsburg, Germany. So the shipment does not have that many kilometers to travel. However, we will require a semi-trailer of 14 meters in length so that we may load our cargo for shipping. How much time will you require notice before you may arrange for a pickup appointment? The cargo will be fully prepared for shipping by the first of next week. Will you be available for a pickup then?

Will it be necessary for us to have an account setup before we can ship with your company? What information will you require for this purpose? Once an account is established, how will we be able to obtain information about our account? Does your company operate more efficiently with an automated system? Or does your company operate with more human involvement?

When will you deliver this cargo to Zagreb, Croatia? Will you be able to guarantee this will be when you will deliver it? Please include any information to our direct email address that is provided here.

Name: Barette Schwerdtfeger

Company: Enrhardline

Country: Croatia

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