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Cargo shipping to Prague

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I have to request information about cargo shipping to Prague, Czech Republic. We are processing an order at our facility at Venice, Italy, which will be ready for shipping by the beginning of next week. Will your company be ready to provide a pickup by then? Does your company require an advance notice before the pickup? If so, how much time do you need?

Once you have made the pickup, how long will it take you to deliver this shipment to Prague? Do you offer a guaranteed deliver day or time? Who do we call for more information about a specific shipping service, or account information? What happens if it is determined that this shipment will require special handling? Is your company licensed and insured to process shipments in and through each of the jurisdictions this shipment will encounter?

I have include my direct email address to this forum so that your information will be sent directly to me. This information will arrive to me much quicker if you use this contact method. Thank you for sending this information as soon as possible.

Name: Carlo Monachino

Company: Monachino's Company

Country: Czech Republic

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