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Cargo shipping to Bahrain

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I must inquire into cargo shipping to Bahrain. This shipment will be shipped from my company's warehouse at Milan, Italy. We do request a pickup be made for this shipment, as it includes 5 pallets of materials that has a gross weight of 257 kilograms.

What is the procedure with your company to setup an account? If you need us to send you any documentation, please include either your email address, or your fax number so that we may submit it. Once an account is established, what information will we have access? Will we be able to track shipments, pay our bills, or upload shipments' information before a pickup? Speaking of a pickup, how many days notification must we allow before you can schedule a pickup?

Please also send us a copy of your most recent contract if we must sign one. Does your company provide additional insurance that we may purchase that will cover the difference between the value of the shipment and your liability limit?

Name: Bartolommeo Mirarchi

Company: Mirarchi's Company

Country: Bahrain

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