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Cargo shipping to Mumbai

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A good day to all. I appreciate your taking the time to read my request for information about cargo shipping to Mumbai, India. Our shipment will begin from our facility at Rennes, France. It will be comprised of 15 cases of materials that will be added to a pallet and secured if necessary. The cases are of varying sizes and weights. However, the combined weight for all 15 cases is 37 kilograms. If you send us a copy of your current rate sheet, will we be able to make the calculations so that we may have an estimate of our shipping cost?

Does your company offer a pickup service at our location? This shipment may be picked up during our normal business hours. How much of a notice does your company require before you can schedule a pickup? Will you deliver this shipment within 7 to 10 days of the day of the pickup? Within your company's shipping information, please include your payments options, as well as how we can submit our payments. Thanks for sending us the requested information.

Name: Cornelle Desaulniers

Company: Genradeau Ent.

Country: India

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