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Cargo shipping to Tokyo

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My company is completing an order that will be ready to ship by the end of the coming week. I have posted to this forum to ask for information about cargo shipping to Tokyo, Japan. This cargo includes 5 pallets of merchandise. The cargo is secured on the pallets, and has the combined weight of 532 kilograms. Is it permissible for you to provide us with an estimate of what the shipping charges will be for this shipment?

When will your company be available for a pickup at our warehouse at Genoa, Italy? Do you require an advanced notice? If so, how much of a notice do you require? Is it possible for us to know beforehand if the shipment will clear customs? There are certain instances when the cargo is cleared before it arrives. What is the procedure for this pre-clearance to take place?

Does your company provide a tracking service so that we may monitor the shipment's progress? Please provide this information to our email address as soon as possible. We appreciate your sending this to us.

Name: Luciano Mainiero

Company: Bonjoylia

Country: Japan

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