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Cargo shipping to Zurich

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My company is exploring cargo shipping to Zurich, Switzerland. Does your company provide shipping services between Florence, Italy, and Zurich? Are you insured and authorized to operate between these two countries? The shipment consists of 2 wooden crates that are being built at this moment. How soon will your company be available for a pickup? Is it necessary for us to prepay for this shipment? Regardless of the timing of the payment, please inform us of your payment methods, and also whether we can make a payment online.

How soon will your company deliver these 2 crates to Zurich? Will you guarantee this delivery day? Is there someone at your company that we may speak with, or at least exchange emails with if we have a problem with the shipment? What is your damage and return policy? Will this policy provide coverage for items that are lost, stolen, or damaged? If there is an issue at the customs checkpoint, will we be notified of what the problem is and will we be offered a potential solution? Thank you for providing this information.

Name: Ignazio Ludovici

Company: Butio Company

Country: Switzerland

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