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Cargo shipping to Osaka

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I am arranging the shipping for an order that my company is preparing. Due to the distance involved, I want to be certain that everything is in order. I am posting here to ask for information about cargo shipping to Osaka, Japan. So if there are any companies who are represented here, I will ask you to please send me your company's shipping information as soon as possible.

We have a combination of crates and palletized items that must be shipped. What do we have to know about the various transportation methods that are available? Will your company suggest we ship by air cargo? Or will you advise us to use an ocean cargo method? Some of the crates may be too big to fit inside of a shipping container. Is sea cargo still shipped within the holds of ships? Is there anyone at your company that we may discuss this shipment in more detail? If so, please include their contact information within the rest of the information that you will send.

I apologize for having so many questions, but I do thank you for providing us with this valuable information.

Name: Edgardo Balderas

Company: Postiani

Country: Japan

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