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Cargo shipping to Cape Town

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Hello and thank you for stopping to read my questions. I hope that you will be able to respond to them, for I have an order that requires cargo shipping to Cape Town, South Africa. Where is it that I can go to learn more about how to do this properly? Who can inform me of how the customs process works? How much are the duties, taxes, and fees that are included? Can your company answer these questions? If you can, then please send me an email that not only explains my questions about customs, but also about the best methods to ship between Austin, Texas, in the United States, and Cape Town, South Africa.

This shipment has a gross weight of 23,048 pounds. It will also require a 48 ft container. If we can establish contact with your company within the next couple of days, when will you be able to arrange for a pickup appointment? When will you deliver this cargo to our customer in Cape Town? Do you offer a guaranteed delivery service? What happens if we have a damage claim? Thanks for emailing me this information.

Name: Gabino Puerto

Company: Prudien

Country: South Africa

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