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I am here to ask a few questions about cargo shipping to Stockholm, Sweden. My employer is processing an order at our warehouse at Houston, Texas, in the United States and it will be ready to ship by the middle of the coming week. This cargo will require a 45 ft container and will have a gross weight of 34,893 pounds. How might we be able to receive an estimate of your shipping cost for this shipment? Will you also email us an information packet that explains your company's shipping terms?

We are already taking the necessary precautions in providing proper protection for this shipment since it will be exposed to the extreme environments that are associated with an ocean voyage. However, we would like to ask if you have any specific recommendations that will afford this cargo added protection from the elements. Is your company covered by the proper amount of maritime insurance coverage? Is this sufficient coverage to cover any losses that may incur to our cargo? What are your liability limits?

Thank you for taking the time to send us your company's shipping information.

Name: Alfredo Mosquera

Company: Oxyronia

Country: Sweden

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