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Cargo shipping to Naples

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Next week, this cargo will be shipped from our warehouse at Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. How much of an advanced notice does your company require before you can schedule a pickup appointment? As this will be our first time in working together, I must ask a few questions and also if you will send your general shipping information to my email address.

Is it a requirement that we have an account setup before we ship with your company? If we do have an account setup, will we have online access to our account information? If so, would we be able to view the shipping information for those shipments we have with your company? Will we also have the capability to submit shipments for pickup and also to make payments on our account? If your company requires a written contract, please include a copy of that contract with the shipping information you provide.

We trust that you will send your shipping information to us as soon as possible. We want some time to review it before we contact your company to arrange for a pickup.

Name: Ives Thorell

Company: Nordunia

Country: Italy

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