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Cargo shipping to Milan

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Might there be someone who is visiting this forum who can provide me with information about cargo shipping to Milan, Italy? The point of origin for this shipment is Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Do you have a standard packet of information that you send to new customers? Will you mind to send that to my email address?

How might my company establish an account with your company that will permit us to ship with you? Do you provide a login so that we may obtain information about any shipments we have placed with your company? Is it possible for my company to schedule an exact time and day for our shipment to be delivered? If we ship more than one shipment with your company, are we offered a discounted rate? Must we enter into a contractual obligation for us to ship with your company?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our inquiry and we will look forward to receiving your company's shipping information. We will reply in due time after we have had the opportunity to review it.

Name: Roul Grumbach

Company: Unireot Inc.

Country: Italy

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