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Cargo shipping to Riyadh

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I am in search of information about cargo shipping to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. As I am in charge of shipping this cargo from our facility at Paris, France, it will be helpful to know if your company is able to ship from this location. We will like for you to send your company's general shipping information to our email account. This will provide us with some basic understanding of what is involved in shipping with your company. However, we would also like to ask a few specific questions as well.

What is your preferred transportation mode that you will use to ship our cargo between Paris and Riyadh? Can I expedite this shipment? How do I get information about my shipment? What are your payment options and can we make a payment online? How long will it take for our shipment to arrive at its destination? How do I track this shipment while it is in transit?

Please also include a method of contacting your company. This will be beneficial if we have any further questions. It will also be needed when we should contact you to make arrangements for a pickup.

Name: Rollin Hamon

Company: Bonjoylia Enterprises

Country: Saudi Arabia

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