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Cargo shipping to Moscow

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Might there be someone who is here who can provide me with information about cargo shipping to Moscow, Russia? My need for shipping services is within the next week, so if your shipping company is available during this time, then please contact me as soon as possible.

We will ship this cargo from our facility at Milan, Italy. The cargo consists of 2 wooden crates. Each crate is the same size, but they are different weights. The weight of crate number one is 113 kilograms. The weight of crate number two is 125 kilograms. Since our initial contact will be through the messaging system in this forum, please send your shipping information here, along with your company's direct contact information. This will allow us time to review your information before we contact you with further questions and to arrange for a pickup. Please include how much you will charge to deliver this cargo to Moscow. Please also provide an estimated time to deliver it as well.

Please accept our gratitude for your taking the time to send us this information. We do appreciate it.

Name: Melchiorre Riviello

Company: Nordunia

Country: Russia

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