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Cargo shipping to Kyoto

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I am preparing a shipment for my employer that must travel over a long distance. Our small business is located at Venice, Italy. I need information about cargo shipping to Kyoto, Japan. Can your company complete this delivery from the beginning until it is delivered? Do you have an empty 45 ft container that you can deliver to our business by the middle of next week?

Please include in your information what your current prices are for your shipping service. Please also include how soon you will deliver it. The cargo for this shipment will be ready to load by the middle of next week. This is why we have asked you to be here by then. Our employees will load your empty container and provide your driver with the necessary customs documents. Do you have a standard charge that you assess for shipments that must travel over this distance? If a shipment's weight will factor into your calculations, the gross weight of this shipment is 12.5 metric tonnes.

I appreciate your submitting your company's information to the contact information we have included. We will reply to all who send their information.

Name: Raffaello Di Bernardo

Company: Bonjoylia

Country: Japan

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