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Cargo shipping to St Petersburg

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Is this the correct forum for me to ask a question about cargo shipping to St. Petersburg, Russia? I am shipping this from Rome, Italy, and I am not for certain which transportation mode that I should use. Do you have any suggestions? Might you also have an estimate of when you will deliver this shipment? Might you break that estimate down into separate transportation modes so that we may decide which is the better choice? Would you also do the same for your delivery times?

This cargo includes 4 pallets that are loaded with packages of assorted merchandise. The combined weight of these 4 pallets is 197 kilograms. Since we have already asked for an estimate of delivery, I will ask here if you can guarantee the day and / or time of the delivery? What could we expect if any part of this shipment is either lost or damaged during shipping? Do you provide restitution of the cargo's value? Will you please send this information to my email address? I have included it here to save time in my receiving this. Thank you.

Name: Leontyne Di Cristofaro

Company: Bonjoylia

Country: Russia

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