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Cargo shipping to Warsaw

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I must post a few questions about cargo shipping to Warsaw, Poland and how is the best method for us to receive an on time delivery. Our warehouse is located at Berlin, Germany, and we are preparing a small shipment of automotive parts that will be delivered to a local distributor. These parts will be packaged and palletized onto 3 pallets. The pallets will be shrink wrapped and the shipment will be ready for you to pickup. The shipment will be ready for shipping in the middle of next week. When is your company available?

We would also like to have an estimate of our cost for shipping with your company. With the information you send us, will you also include when you will deliver to Warsaw? Please also include whether your company included tracking information in your standard shipping rates, or if tracking is an additional charge to us. I think the most efficient method for you to send your shipping information to us is through the message system on this forum. Thank you for providing this information.

Name: Berger Ramseier

Company: Weinart

Country: Poland

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