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Cargo shipping to Oslo

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I must arrange for cargo shipping to Oslo, Norway, from my employer's facility here in Essen, Germany. Is it possible for your company to make a pickup at our facility within the coming week? Which transportation mode will you prefer to use with this shipment? We are confident that a road freight method may be the best. However, we shall appreciate your suggestions.

This shipment is a less than truckload (LTL) shipment that includes 4 pallets of machine parts. The gross weight of the 4 pallets is 283 kilograms. Will your company be able to send us an estimate of the cost of this shipment? It would be more efficient to use the communication method based on this forum to provide this to us. Will you also be able to include an estimate of when you will deliver this to our customer in Oslo? Are you also able to include information about your payment terms, and claims policy? Please also include your company's contact information so that we may finalize the shipping terms with your company before the shipping day.

Name: Chuck Raffensperger

Company: Hiet Ama

Country: Norway

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