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Cargo shipping to Rio de Janeiro

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I need to ask for information about cargo shipping to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. So if you or your company provides this service, especially from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, then please contact me as soon as possible. This is our first shipment to this customer and as you can understand we want everything to proceed as smoothly as possible.

The shipment will require a 45 ft container. We would also ask that you provide the empty container a couple of days before the scheduled pickup so we can load it as the products are delivered by other couriers. Would you mind sending us your shipping information and include your response to a couple of questions? What are your current shipping rates as they apply between these two points? Do you accept purchase orders, or do you require some other payment terms? Will you make the arrangements at both ends of this delivery? Or do you handle only one point or the other? Please include your information to our email address. Thank you for taking the time to respond to our inquiry.

Name: Harry Fontaine

Company: Rhodes Processing Company

Country: Brazil

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