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I need information about cargo shipping to Rome, Italy. The shipment's point of origin is Kansas City, Kansas, in the United States. The information we would like to receive from a qualified company is as follows. What are your current rates and how do you base those rates on shipments? When will your company be available to provide a pickup at our warehouse? What is your estimated time to deliver this shipment to our customer in Rome? What is your claims policy and how will you compensate for any losses or damages during shipping? Do you include tracking information in your standard shipping? Or is tracking an additional service? What mode of transportation will you utilize?

Our shipment has a gross weight of 47,395 pounds. So it is fairly heavy. If you use a containerized service, you may want to send one that does not include a refrigeration unit as that will increase the overall weight. Please direct your contact with us to the email address included with this forum as it is the quickest method to reach us. Thank you for sending us your shipping information and including your responses to our questions.

Name: Jeremiah Lucas

Company: Broward Ent.

Country: Italy

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