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Cargo shipping to Johannesburg

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I must complete a shipment from our facility here at Grosseto, Italy. The shipment is for a customer that is located in South Africa, so I need to ask for information about cargo shipping to Johannesburg, South Africa. I have two large crates that comprise this shipment. Each crate is a different size and weight. Crate number one is 122 cm in length, 91 cm wide, and 76 cm tall. It weighs 61 kilograms. Crate number two is 152 cm in length, 106 cm wide, and 118 cm deep.

Can you email me your estimates for cost as well as for when you will deliver this shipment? Will you also email me your terms, including payment, claims, and contractual? The shipment will be ready for pickup by the first of next week. Will your company be available? The email address I have included is our direct line. Please use it to direct all correspondence. Thank you for sending us this information. We will reply to each submission we receive.

Name: Raimondo Nocera

Company: Nordunia

Country: South Africa

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