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Cargo shipping to Tel Aviv

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Might someone be in a position to provide me with information about cargo shipping to Tel Aviv, Israel? This will be our first shipment to this customer, and of course we want everything to proceed as planned. This is our purpose for posting to this forum since there are so many professionals who are represented here.

Our shipment will begin from our facility at Tours, France. It consists of 3 wooden crates that are of different dimensions and weights. However, the combined weight of these 3 crates is 120 kilograms. If you have a cost estimate that you can provide us for this shipment, please contact us with that estimate. Please also include an estimate of when you will deliver this to our customer in Tel Aviv. Do you have a guaranteed delivery time? I have heard of having the ability to track a shipment while it is in transit. Is this a possibility with your company? Does this add any cost to the shipment if we have tracking added?

Thank you for supplying us with this information. We will reply to each who contact us.

Name: Trevis Perreault

Company: Bonjoyl

Country: Israel

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