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Cargo shipping to Dublin

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I am seeking information about cargo shipping to Dublin, Ireland. My company is preparing to ship an order from our facility at Orleans, France. Once this order is prepared for shipping, it will include one crate that will house a machine for the journey. This crate is made of wood, and once all is prepared for shipping, it will have the gross weight of 342 kilograms. The size of the crate is 2 meters in length, 1.25 meters wide, and 1 meter tall.

Will you be able to email me your response to my questions? What is your estimate of how much our shipping charges will be to ship this machine with your company? The shipment will be prepared for shipping within the next 3 to 4 days. Will your company be available to provide a pickup at that time? What is your estimated time to deliver this cargo to Dublin?

We would also like to know your preferred transportation mode. Please include your estimates for each mode you would suggest. Thank you for providing this information and for sending it to our email address as soon as possible.

Name: Nadine Mourer

Company: Bounery Ent.

Country: Ireland

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