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Cargo shipping to Madrid

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My company is preparing to fill an order and we need information about cargo shipping to Madrid, Spain. Once completed, this shipment will be less than truckload (LTL), as it will include cargo being placed onto 4 pallets. The cargo will be properly secured onto each pallet and the gross weight will be about 110 kilograms.

Our facility is located near Arezzo, Italy. Since this order will be ready for shipping by the middle of this week, when will your company be able to schedule a pickup? Based on the specifications I have included, what is your estimated shipping charge? Also, when do you estimate you will deliver this shipment to our customer in Madrid? Do you provide cargo insurance that will cover this cargo should any loss or damage be incurred during transit? Is there any cost to us for this cargo insurance, or is this your company's guarantee?

Please send your responses to this inquiry to the email address we have included here. Thank you for your prompt responses, and we will reply to each company who does respond.

Name: Gian Carlo Tortorella

Company: Bonjoylia

Country: Spain

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