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Cargo shipping to Lisbon

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I have the need to inquire into cargo shipping to Lisbon, Portugal. The cargo does not have a long distance to be shipped, as the point of origin is at Monterrey, France. However, the shipment does require the equivalent of a 45 ft semi-trailer. A dry trailer is fine, as the cargo does not require refrigeration.

What we do need from your company are your responses to a couple of questions. Can you send us your most current copy of your shipping rates for us to review? We would like to have an idea of how much you will charge us to complete this shipment. Please also include when you will be available for a pickup, as well as when you estimate you will deliver this shipment to Lisbon. Please also include your payment terms as well as any other shipping terms necessary to complete this delivery with your company. Thank you for sending this information to us. We will contact you shortly after we have reviewed it.

Name: Hamelin Roussell

Company: Barnone

Country: Portugal

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