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Cargo shipping to Marseilles

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Is there anyone available who can email information about cargo shipping to Marseilles, France? If possible, can you also include if you can provide information as it pertains to shipping from Houston, Texas, in the United States? This will be the shipment's point of origin.

Please include whether you can provide a 48 ft container by the middle of next week. This will be scheduled as a live load as we lack available yard space for you to drop an empty on our lot. It will take only a few minutes to load as we will have everything prepared and will load it with a fork lift. The gross weight of this shipment will be 41,952 pounds. When will you deliver this shipment to Marseilles? We also anticipate being provided with a means to track this shipment while it is in transit. Does your company include this service with your standard shipping charges, or is this an additional charge?

Please send your information to the provided email address. Thank you for your promptness in sending this.

Name: Gerald Buckley

Company: Weinart

Country: France

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