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Cargo shipping to Vienna

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I work for a company located at Angers, France. We are completing an order that is nearly ready for shipping. Since our regular courier is not available for this shipment, we are seeking a company who can complete cargo shipping to Vienna, Austria. If this is a service that you provide, then please send your company's shipping information to the email address provided. Please be certain to include your responses to our questions here.

When will your company be available to schedule a pickup at our location? This shipment will be ready for pickup by the middle of next week. What are your current shipping rates? When will you be able to complete the delivery to Vienna? Do you guarantee an on time delivery by a certain day? Do you also promise the shipment will not be damaged during shipping? What are your company's payment terms? Do you have any other shipping terms or information that will be made available to use?

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our inquiry. We will look to receive it within the next couple of days time.

Name: Anne-Sophie Pineau

Company: Bonjoyl

Country: Austria

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