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Cargo shipping to Washington - Virginia

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Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I seek information about cargo shipping to Washington - Virginia. I am shipping from Monterrey, Mexico, and this cargo will be fully ready to ship within the next 3 days. Is your company available for pickup by that time?

The gross weight of this cargo is 948 kilograms and is secured onto 5 pallets. What is the best transportation mode for this shipment? We have evaluated shipping by truck, rail, and by air, but we will wait until you provide us with more information about this as we have always only shipped locally. How much will you charge us for this delivery? Please provide an estimate for each transportation mode that your company offers. Please also include your standard shipping and payment terms.

As we have seen some others on this forum state, please send your responses to the email address that we have provided. This really is the easiest method to contact us. Thank you for responding to our questions and for sending us the information we have requested.

Name: Victor Gonzalez

Company: Sanchez Company

Country: United States

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