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Cargo shipping to St Louis - Missouri

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Are there any companies who are available for cargo shipping to St. Louis - Missouri from Montreal, Quebec, Canada? Will you be available by the end of next week? This is when the shipment will be ready for loading onto your 45 ft semi-trailer. An appointment is necessary, so we must arrange for this at least two days before the time of pickup. Is this acceptable with your company?

The shipment is a load of plastic products, and the gross weight of this shipment is slightly more than 8 metric tonnes. The Canadian and U.S. customs documents will be processed before you arrive at the border for clearance. Your driver will be handed the paperwork at the time of loading.

With the information that you may send to us, please include your estimate of shipping charges that we will incur by shipping with your company. Pleases also include your estimated time to deliver this cargo to the customer in St. Louis, Missouri. Thank you for sending this information. We will reply to each company who contacts us about this inquiry.

Name: Winnie Brown

Company: Bonjoyl Ltd.

Country: United States

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