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Cargo shipping to Seattle - Washington

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My company is completing an order that will be ready to ship by this time next week. We are seeking a company who can deliver this cargo safely, on time, and with no damages. If your company can accomplish this task, then please send your company's shipping information to the email address we have provided here with this forum.

The point of origin for this shipment Charleston, South Carolina, in the United States. We seek information about cargo shipping to Seattle - Washington. The cargo will require a 48 ft dry semi-trailer. An empty semi-trailer may be dropped at our facility one or two days prior to the scheduled shipping time. This will relief your driver of losing time in waiting for us to load the cargo.

What we need you to send is your current shipping charges. When will your company will be available to drop the empty trailer? We must also schedule a pickup time for the cargo as well. When will you deliver this shipment to Seattle? Thank you for sending this information as soon as possible.

Name: Johnny Baker

Company: Florman Company

Country: United States

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