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Cargo shipping to San Diego - California

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Cargo shipping to San Diego - California, in the United States, is the topic that I must obtain more information. This need is due to our receiving an order from a company that is located there. We are located just outside of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. So if your company can provide a shipping service between these two points please send your company's shipping information as soon as possible.

We will have this cargo ready to ship by the beginning of next week. How soon will your company be available for a pickup at our facility? Which transportation mode will you use for this shipment? The cargo is enough to complete a 45 ft semi-trailer. Also, we prefer to live load onto your trailer, so there will be an appointment scheduled for the pickup. When will you deliver this shipment to San Diego? When you respond to this inquiry, please send the information to the email address I have included here as this is the quickest way for me to receive your response. Thank you for sending this information.

Name: Jacques Cardell

Company: Mertal

Country: United States

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