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Cargo shipping to Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania

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Hello. My name is Hernando Abalo, and I am posting here to ask for information about cargo shipping to Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania, in the United States. If you have such information, or if your company or employer provides this service, then I ask that you please send this information to the email address I have included with this forum and post.

My employer will ship some cargo to Pittsburgh within the coming week and we need to know how much it will cost. We also need to ask about scheduling a pickup and how long it will take for the delivery to be completed. We are located near Mexico City, Mexico, and this is where we will ship the cargo from. If the cargo is damaged while in transit, does your company cover that loss? What is the procedure for submitting a claim if there is a shipping damage?

Please accept my greatest appreciate for your responding to this inquiry. I greatly look forward to reviewing the information you send. Thank you for providing this.

Name: Hernando Abalo

Company: Quintana's Company

Country: United States

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